New Locals Fill Void in Seven Lakes

After living in Texas all their lives, Deb and Steve Sikes decided to make the move to Seven Lakes South in July 2018.

After visiting some friends, they knew that Seven Lakes was right for them.

“I love it,” Deb said.  “Looking out at the lake and the beauty of it.  I love old buildings and antiques, and there’s so many out here.”

Shortly after moving, Deb and Steve began looking at Party Pack & Ship, which was owned by Mike Long.

“We had talked about purchasing the store and were in contact with Mike,” Deb said.

The Sikes once ran their own embroidery and gift company years ago.  Even then they discussed the possibility of owning a pack and ship store.

“I knew I was going to do it,” Steve said.  “It’s one of the things that’s been in the back of my mind when buying a business.”

“We’re interested in retail, customer service, and what the customers need,” Deb explained.   “Steve was an insurance claims adjuster and was always rated really high in customer service.”

On Monday, October 22nd, the Sikes officially took over the store, renaming it Pack Ship ‘N Moore.

“It’s a play on words in Moore County.  We’re ‘Moore’ than just pack and ship,” Deb said.

The Sikes hope to provide the same quality experience that Mike Long has maintained for years.  They hope to make changes to the store that will further cater to the needs of the community.

Both Deb and Steve are notaries and will be able to help clients at the store during hours.

Pack Ship ‘N Moore will not provide key making since other stores in the area provide this service.  In addition to this change, the store will be keeping less party items in order to make space for goods and craft/gift items.

“I just want thing that are a little more unique,” Deb said.  “So when people need a gift, they don’t need to run all the way to Aberdeen.”

The Sikes are also considering doing passport photos and having a coffee bar or ice cream shop in store.

“We’re trying to get a feel for what people want,” Deb said.  “We’re really trying to fill the void so people don’t have to drive so far.”

In addition to having professional service, Pack Ship ‘N Moore will strive to maintain a friendly atmosphere and homey feel for customers.

“We’re very excited.  It gives us an opportunity to really know people better,” Deb said.  “We’re open to suggestions.”

As the holidays approach, Steve and Deb ask for patience as they continue to adjust to the store.  They may even extend their hours for the Christmas season if needed.

To get in touch with Pack Ship ‘N Moore, call (910) 400-5459.