Celebrating A Decade of Sandhills Farm to Table

Sandhills Farm to Table recently celebrated their ten year anniversary in April. For over a decade now, Sandhills Farm to Table has been striving to satisfy community needs with locally grown and produced foods.

Established in 2009, Sandhills Farm to Table has never stopped working to bring the community together through locally grown produce and hand-made artisanal goods. Customers are able to subscribe to monthly boxes of in-season produce grown and provided by farmers local to the Sandhills region, as well as access to a marketplace of artisanal goods. Local artisans are able to craft and sell clean, locally-sourced products, such as meats, cheeses, honey, baked goods, and more.

For Sandhills Farm to Table, the term local includes Moore County and the surrounding communities. Through this program, farmers are given a secure market for their crops and products at a price that offers financial stability, while consumers are able to choose from a variety of healthy, locally-sourced products. This provides the community with convenient access to healthy food at a price comparable to current quality foods.

“Sandhills Farm to Table works to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers,” said co-manager Molly Goodman. According to Goodman, this allows the farmers and consumers to know and appreciate one another within the community, strengthening local bonds.

The recent ten-year anniversary celebration served to commemorate ten years of community effort from local farmers, consumers, and of course, the Sandhills Farm to Table team. After serving the community for nearly a decade, the celebration was both well-deserved and well-received.

Profits from Sandhills Farm to Table are subsidized to the community, offering assistance to small businesses, schools, and churches in the Sandhills region. Sandhills Farm to Table brings together hundreds of volunteers, farmers, and members of the community each year, all seeking to contribute to the local food movement.

“We engage with community members so they are healthier and happier, through sharing information about farm goods, recipes, storage and preservation tips, events, and gatherings,” said staff representative Christine Hall. “We are one of the first local food cooperatives in the country in which the producers, consumers, and staff are all equal owners,” added Hall.

By including three different stakeholder groups—the producers, the consumers, and the staff—in the decision-making structure of its operations, Sandhills Farm to Table is aiming to expand the understanding and respect of each stakeholder group so that each group can benefit the others. “This structure reflects our belief that ‘we’re all in this together,’” said Hall.

For more information or to find out how to subscribe to Sandhills Farm to Table, call 910-722-1623 or visit the official website at https://www.sandhillsfarm2table.com for future updates.