Jamie Boles Seeks Re-election For North Carolina House of Representatives

James “Jamie” Boles, who resides in Whispering Pines, is running for re-election to the North Carolina House of Representatives in District 52. He is serving his sixth term in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Boles grew up in Moore County, attended Pinecrest High School, graduated from Sandhills Community College with a business degree, and continued on to mortuary school in Cincinnati. Boles owns Boles Funeral Home and Crematory located in Southern Pines, with locations in Seven Lakes and Pinehurst. Boles is an EMT/FF who started volunteering with Aberdeen Rescue Squad at the age of 15 and currently serves with his son, Glenn, with Whispering Pines Fire and Rescue.

Boles grew up surrounded by civics and politics, his father and mother taking active roles in their local communities. Boles’ mother was the first female elected to the Aberdeen Town Council. “I’ve always felt that I followed in their footsteps serving the community,” Boles stated.

“What I am most honored and proud of is being a funeral director in this community, to me that is more worthy than being known as a politician. Families have trusted me with their loved ones and also their voice in Raleigh,” Boles said.

Having served in the General Assembly and as a Deputy Majority Whip, “I have a vast knowledge of the ins and outs and I have been very blessed to be in the position that I have been in,” Boles said. “This has given me the ability to secure over $27 million for Samarcand Law Enforcement Training Center located in Moore County, just down the road from Seven Lakes. This has provided local jobs and has a positive economic impact on our local economy.”

Boles was able to accomplish a variety of things this session, such as his advocacy for House Bill 29, as well as Senate Bill 199, which both protect sexual assault and abuse victims. In this past year, Boles has also taken part in passing Senate Bill 190, which gives the Woodlake community an opportunity for a referendum relating to their dam repairs.

“You always focus on the needs of your community and the need to be available and to listen to them,” Boles stated. Boles supports and attends many community events that enable him to interact with people who are new or longtime members of this community.

“The beauty of being a leader in this community is that you’re responsible for people’s families when they pass away, which is the highest honor, and represent them in government and that they trust you to share their opinions and try to get issues resolved,” Boles stated.

Voters are able to cast their ballots for the primary election on March 3rd, 2020. Early voting options as well as absentee voting options are available for those who meet their standards. More information can be found at the Moore County Board of Elections website at https://www.moorecountync.gov/board-of-elections.