Arthur Donadio Receives Sheriff Field’s Endorsement for District Attorney

The following Letter to the Editor was written by Sheriff Fields. It does not reflect the views or opinions of The Seven Lakes Insider.

It is my sincere honor to openly and enthusiastically endorse Arthur Donadio in his bid to become the first elected District Attorney of the newly formed Moore and Hoke county prosecutorial district.

I have personally known Arthur for well over twenty years and observed his professionalism and his dedication to justice at every step of his legal career.

As a young prosecutor, he worked hand-in-hand with Moore County’s law enforcement in the fight against crime. When he transitioned into private practice, Arthur Donadio represented his clients with zeal in an effort to guarantee that their Constitutional rights were recognized and upheld.

Now, after returning to the DA’s office after years of legal experience, he again stands together with our police as we aggressively work to rid Moore County of crime and corruption.

This decision is easy for me. I strongly support a man that we’ve known for years here in Moore County; a man that has proven that he is principled, disciplined, and hard-working.

I’m voting for Arthur Donadio, and I urge you to as well.

Ronnie Fields

Moore County Sheriff