Art Studio and Gallery opens up in Seven Lakes!

Amy Smith Art opened up it’s shop in Seven Lakes on Friday February 7, 2020.

Amy knew she wanted to open up a space for her artwork and designs long ago, her work has been featured in Design Market which was followed by her opening up her first space in Vass. Then Smith moved to have a small space in Seven Lakes, now opening up her own gallery and shop in this location.

“Seven Lakes area is really totally untapped because people don’t recognize the population density here because its unincorporated. But there are so many people here who want to do things and see things and not have to drive all the way into town,” Smith said.

Smith became very interested in art and artistic expression at a young age. She grew up surrounded by art.

“I was always creative, I always loved to draw,” she said. “I had a stack of paper and some magic markers in the top of my closet and I would climb up there and draw for hours at a time.”

As of now, Smith has been a working artist for 22 years.

Smith’s pieces are inspired by her faith.

“It’s a form of worship for me, an artistic expression of worship, just in paint instead of music,” she said.

“I love being in the studio creating and being really in the flow and watching a painting unfold,” Smith continued, “The other part of it is, to be able to share that same thing with other people that will teach them how to access that and experience that for themselves.”

Smith would like to see her business grow in the future.

“I just would like to continue to reach people, inspire people in my art, I would like to stay right here in this area and expand to carrying some retail art supplies, but I would like to see this room full of people creating and getting some freedom and some fun,” Smith stated.

Although her passion is creating unique pieces, her ultimate goal is to bring joy to those who see her art.

“I love to create and I want to sell my work but more than anything I want what I do to bring joy and to bless people and I love to teach for that reason and I love to inspire other people to step out,” Smith said.

Smith’s gallery offers classes both group and private for teens and adults, custom artwork, event painting, online classes, and online creativity coaching. There are upcoming events at the gallery such as the “Tiny Houses Mixed Media Canvas” from 6-8:30pm on March 27th for $35, as well as the “Abstract Express Painting Class” from April 24th-25th with early bird pricing at $250.

For more information you can visit Amy Smith’s Facebook page at or her website at