Children’s Meal Distribution Today 11:30-1:00

In collaboration with Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sandhills, Moore County Schools will begin distributing meals for children 18 and under beginning Wednesday, March 18 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Lunch and next-day breakfast will be provided in sanitized containers. Meals will be distributed curbside at the front of Southern Middle School, Crain’s Creek Middle School and Elise Middle School. Please stay tuned for additional details as the program continues to expand and food delivery is coordinated in conjunction with local service organizations.

Through March 27, Moore County Schools will operate under required work days for all staff. If feasible, staff may work from home with approval from his or her supervisor, or may submit appropriate leave. For classified staff designated as able to work from home by their supervisor, for whom it is feasible to work from home, a manual timesheet will need to be completed to record hours worked.

School facilities are closed to visitors unless by appointment. Please contact the school front office during normal hours should you need to arrange a visit to a school campus. The Central Office is open but requests that visitors be limited and by appointment, if possible.