SL Prescription Shoppe Uses DrugStore2Door To Deliver Prescriptions

Did you know, we can help combat the spread of viruses with a platform that is available right here! Dr. AJ Asgari, PharmD developed and launched the program called drugstore2door in 2019.

Simply put, drugstore2door is to pharmacies, what DoorDash is to restaurants.

Many local independent pharmacies across the nation are already utilizing this online platform for their patients. Here in Seven Lakes, local independent pharmacy Seven Lakes Prescription Shoppe is using this tool.  

On drugstore2door a person can go online to order over the counter meds, personal hygiene supplies, as well as their prescriptions to be delivered straight to their home and on the same day (if items are in stock). The process is tracked from order to processing, all the way to delivery.

With a program like this, people can STAY HOME and not spread the virus as they go into the pharmacy and sit and wait!!! This is prime in combating the spread of all things that are contagious.

This service is new and was launched just last year but has already been extremely beneficial to many individuals as well as assisted living homes.
Combine this with virtual care and we just may get ahead of this virus!

For more information please contact Libby at 405.999.0949