Andre’s Chilled Peach Soup

Peaches are the heart and soul of the Sandhills. Peaches have a history here with names like Windblo, Sweet Sue, Contender, Derby.
Peaches are everywhere at this time. You see them, smell them, and eat them. As I went to work year after year, I would pass the glorious Watts Auman peach orchards, see the change of blossoms and color day by day, until finally – ripe peaches. These days a short drive to Kalawi Farms or Ken Chappel to the west or the Bynum Orchards south on 73 will get you the freshest peaches.


Sounds so logical, so here is an approach I have used before.

6-8 ripe PEACHES
1 pint plain yogurt
1 pint milk
1-2 oranges
1/4 lemon
pinch cinnamon

Pick ripe farm peaches, as little spotted as possible, just drive around Moore County.
8 Cups Pitted, peeled, roughly diced
Mix together 3 Tbsp Honey, Cinnamon, Vanilla, salt, orange juice, lemon juice. Add your peaches in a cool bowl. Mix then puree with whatever gadget you have. Whip together the milk and yogurt in a bigger bowl, add puree of peaches, blend well.
Divide in 4 individual bowls, float a few sliced peaches for garnish and a sprig of mint. Perhaps a splash of peach schnapps.
Chef Andre