Host Your Special Event With WARD Productions

Roger Ward has managed his company of Ward Productions for 46 years, providing event planning and services to help ease the pressures of hosting a gathering.

“It’s been very easy for me to track how long I’ve been in business because I was married around the same time Ward Productions began,” Roger said.

Roger was in Raleigh running the company before moving to Moore County in 2008 to accommodate his wife who had gotten a position as an organist at the First Baptist Church in Southern Pines.

“She was driving back and forth to Raleigh, so we decided let’s move down there,” Roger said.

As a lifelong musician, Roger studied music and was even a part of a band for a time.  His passion for lively tunes inspired him to provide live music for events which eventually led to the start of the company.

Ward productions is currently a family business with Roger’s son Jonathan now also a part of the company.

What started out as one man fulfilling his passions and serving the community has transformed into a full fledge planning center, perfect for assistance hosting weddings, birthdays, and other events.

“As a bride, all you have to provide is the groom!  We can provide everything else,” Roger said.

Roger is an ordained minister and can officiate weddings as needed.  He has wed couples on multiple occasions throughout the years in addition to helping to plan and provide for their big day.

“We are a full-service live event and production company,” Roger said.  “If you have an event that you want or need anything for, we can provide services from sound, DJ, lighting, tables, chairs… All of that we provide.”

Ward Productions does an abundance of weddings, but Roger’s specialty is in production, stage shows, sound, lighting, livestreaming, and the like.

One thing that sets Ward Productions apart is their customer service.

“Being as we are a family Christian-based business, we have Christian values,” Roger said.  “We pride ourselves on our customer service and try to be as accommodating as possible and provide experiences that folks will remember and enjoy.”

For services that aren’t provided, such as still photography and catering, Ward Productions can put clients in touch with providers.

Ward Productions is a nationwide provider having done events in California, Oregon, Texas, and more US states.  They are available to provide for events anywhere within the United States.

Those interested in services may call (910) 295-2158 to receive a quote.  Ward Productions is located at NC Hwy 211 in West End.  Be sure to visit for more info.

Ward Productions is currently looking to hire someone to help with warehouse work, general cleaning, and pressing linens.  If interested, please call and leave your name.  Must be able to drive/provide own transportation and have good common sense.