Upcycled, Vintage, & Handmade

Sisters Emily and Megan Blythe have taken their passion for fashion to the next level. When lockdown began and the sisters found themselves with nothing to do, they decided to take the leap and open an online clothing store of their very own. Now, the two young women run Sis Stash, an online shop of upcycled, vintage, and handmade clothing.

According to Emily, the shop provides customers with a little bit of everything.

“We sew and alter clothing, and also have a printing press that lets us make custom items,” explained Emily.

The sisters feel that Sis Stash is more than just an online shop—it’s a brand. The sisters got their start in fashion at a young age.

“Our mom was always thrifting, and she would take her with us,” said Emily. “We’ve definitely been into thrifting and fashion as long as we can remember.”

Years later, the girls are making a living on what was once a childhood dream. Looking for a way to generate extra income on their new abundance of free time, the duo began upcycling and transforming secondhand clothing. They started up Sis Stash in April when quarantine first started and have continued working on their business ever since.

“It really works for us. We’re best friends and have a lot of similar goals,” said Emily. “We work well together and have made a brand for ourselves.”

Even thrifted Sis Stash pieces always have an added personal touch. The girls crop, trim, bleach, and dye pieces to give them a signature Sis Stash look. At the moment, their favorite alteration to perform is acid-dyeing.

“Not only is acid-dyeing a big trend right now, but it’s a lot of fun, too,” said Emily.

Available pieces vary depending on what the sisters have been able to find and work on. At any given time, Sis Stash’s inventory can include blue jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, blouses, blazers, crop tops, shorts, and more.

Emily acknowledges that they’re working with a competitive market, but the sisters remain undeterred.

“We want to be a one-size-fits-all kind of place where customers can come and we make them feel special,” Emily explained. “We can make something out of nothing for just about anyone—we want our clothing to make them feel one of a kind.”

To shop the latest Sis Stash trends, visit www.etsy.com/shop/SisStash. For more information and to keep up with Emily and Megan, find Sis Stash on Facebook and Instagram.