Garden Club Visits Happy Goat Ranch

The Seven Lakes Garden Club will be taking a tour of Happy Goat Ranch on Thursday, April 8th.

While participating in the Annual Farm Tour several years ago, Carolyn Sink visited the Happy Goat Ranch located just north of Carthage off of Hwy 15-501.

“It’s just a fun place; they have lots of baby goats that are adorable,” Carolyn said.  “They have lots of produce.  It’s a fun family place.”

The Garden Club Board equally participates in setting up programs. This month, Pat Zlotin, personal friend of Happy Goat Ranch owner Kim Raegan, arranged this month’s program.

The working farm has goats, cows, and 30 acres of produce and greenhouses.

Since the garden club has been unable to have usual meetings due to COVID-19, they have instead been doing more tours as such, maintaining social distancing and guidelines.

The Happy Goat Ranch is owned by Doug Reagan who inherited it about 5 years ago.  The farm was started by his family about 7 years ago.

“Right now we’re getting ready to start strawberry season,” Doug said.  “We grow a bunch or produce, selling plants and hanging baskets.”

Visitors are welcome to see the various animals including goats, sheep, chickens, cows, and pigs.  Baskets of animal crackers are available for visitors to feed to the animals for a more interactive experience.

For more information on the Seven Lakes Garden Club, email Carolyn Sink at

To learn more about the Happy Goat Ranch, call (910) 315-2058.  Located at 1508 US 15-501 in Carthage.