Time For Bocce Ball!

Join Les Sommers and his group of Bocce Ball players for some outdoor fun!

On April 5th, the bocce ball group began meeting again for their usual hours of Mondays and Fridays from 2pm – 4pm at the tennis courts by the Landowner’s Association in Seven Lakes North.

The game consists of players having two weighted balls each and throwing them across the course without hitting the other team’s side of the course. Sabotage can make this game tricky as individuals playfully knock others’ balls out of bounds.

All are welcome to join.  There are no age or residential restrictions, but folks may be asked to wear a mask during play.

“Most of us who play are older and have had our shots,” Les said.  “If we have a lot of young people, we may have to ask to wear a mask.  Other than that, no restrictions whatsoever.”

Equipment is provided by the group, so there is nothing more to do other than bring yourself for an afternoon of fun!

“A bunch of us get together and buy the bocce balls,” Les said.  “You don’t have to do anything. Just bring yourself!  Outside residents can participate; just tell the gate you’re coming in to play bocce ball.”

Don’t know how to play? Not a problem! All are welcome to sit and enjoy company, and the group is always exited to initiate a new player!

For more information, call Les Sommers at (910) 673-3840.