Spring Into Events!

This Spring, the Seven Lakes community has been hopping with happiness over community-wide Easter and springtime events. After much of Easter was cancelled last year due to early COVID-19 craziness, the community was happy to pull together and share in warm and cheerful spring festivities.

This year, the annual Easter egg hunt took place on the nature trails at the community center on the West Side. The Easter Egg Hunt Bunny Trail took place on March 27th from 10AM to noon. The eggs were scattered about the trails as opposed to being spread across the lawn, allowing families to remain a little more spread out for appropriate social distancing.

To join in on the hunt, groups were sent in by order of last name. The eggs were spaced out and hidden well enough to allow all participants a chance at finding a handful of eggs in spite of the orderly entry. In the end, all participants were sent home with a fun craft to take home.

In addition, the North Side will be a hosting a story-walk from 10AM to 5PM on April 10th (April 11th if there is inclement weather). The walk will take place near the Seven Lakes North Landowner’s Association. According to Val Doolittle, more people will be able to attend an event with a larger timespan.

The story-walk will be completely self-directed, allowing participants to appreciate the event at their own pace. The story, “Parts” by author Tedd Arnold, follows the adventures of a little boy as he experiences the trials and tribulations of growing up, such as losing his first tooth. The story is aimed at children ages three to seven.

The walk will be completely self-directed, and participants are welcome to set their own pace. Children are encouraged to interact with the walk and enjoy the experience.  

To wrap up an eventful month, Seven Lakes North and South will be hosting another community yard sale on Saturday, April 17th. Potential participants will need to call the office to be placed on the printed list that is handed out at the gate.

The event will take place from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. As a response to community concerns in the past, the sheriff and fire departments will be involved this time to help with traffic on Seven Lakes Drive. The gates will stop handing out passes to the public shortly before three o’clock.

Chapel in the Pines will be piggy backing off of the sale and hosting their garage sale at the same time. Sellers and shoppers alike can anticipate enthusiasm from both community members and visitors.