Outgoing EMS Medical Director Honored

Dr. Ron Milewski was recognized by the Moore County Board of Commissioners last month for 30 years of dedicated service to the community. The outgoing Moore County EMS medical director is credited with helping to guide, lead the development of and implement the area’s paramedic system.

Public Safety DIrector Bryan Phillips described Milewski as a friend, educator, supporter and mentor. He said his retirement “marks the end of an era.”

Milewski, an emergency medical physician, and Dr. Robert Jacques had the vision and goal to develop and streamline emergency services in Moore County. As a result, Phillips said, a committee was appointed in 1985 by the county commissioners to study cost and financing methods.

Milewksi served as a member and chairman of what was to become the Emergency Service Advisory Board for many years, while also continuing to promote and educate citizens about emergency services leading to the establishment of the county’s Advanced Life Support program was established in 1989-90.

In a post shared on Facebook by Moore County Public Safety, Milewski was recognized for providing numerous hours on committees, reviewing protocols, conducting medical review boards with staff and various other tasks as needed to ensure the county’s EMS staff is “Trained to Save, Dedicated to Serve.”

County Commissioner Otis Ritter also spoke during the brief recognition ceremony, noting that he cannot imagine how many lives Milewski is responsible for saving.

“I have more respect for him than any doctor practicing today,” Ritter said.

County Commissioners Chairman Frank Quis also expressed his appreciation to Milewski and the county’s first responders and EMS paramedics: “We are all so appreciative of the hard work from these professionals.”

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