The Peach-a-Palooza at Kalawi Farms and Ben’s Ice Cream drew a big crowd this summer.

“It was our best business day all year, definitely the most peaches we’ve sold,” said owner Jan Williams. 

The family behind Kalawi and Ben’s had been disappointed by the cancellation of Candor’s annual peach festival this year, due to COVID-19 concerns. Their solution was to hold their own festival, which would also be an opportunity for North Carolina’s Peach Queen to make her first appearance of the season. 

The event, held July 17, had music, face painting, barbecue and much more. As for the peaches, Kalawi Farms had a wide variety for sale. 

“You have to try them all,” said employee Tona Douglas. “We have everything from the more traditional, textured Winblos, to brightly flavored Lorings. They’ll really make your pies pop!” 

Williams hopes the event will happen again next summer and possibly become an ongoing tradition for Kalawi Farms.