Stuck in Training? You’re Not Alone


Special to Seven Lakes Insider

Do you feel stuck in your training and do not know the next move in the game? Well, there are many “dog parents” who are working toward having a great recall, sit or leash manners.

I have listened to many pet parents in the past few weeks talk about moving onto the next phase. A common statement made by pet parents is that treats worked, now the puppy only listens after trying many times. 

Puppies start to move into the teenage months and seem to forget everything…sound familiar? What worked before is no longer working.

Their diets change, their needs change, their minds change. Maybe they’re starting to need more physical and mental stimulation. That is commonly overlooked in very active breeds.

During these months, dogs need a high level of stimulation to satisfy their brains. A seemingly wild and independent dog may just need to have more stimulation.

Walks are wonderful for these pups, with some mixed-in ball throws if that works. Sprints really get the energy out. Sometimes these tips work and it really depends on the dog.

If you are having some issues with the known behaviors and need some guidance, reach out to a trainer and find out what is next.

The great news is that you have schooled your puppy on how to learn and chain behaviors together. Being stuck in the training is very common and using friends, family and trainers to get a different perspective is all it may take to make the next move in the game.