‘Bucket Brigade’ Continues Stocking Project

From left: Glenn Anderson, Dianne Reid, Steve Reid, Don Smith, Bonnie Kaylor, Manuel Sanchez, Stan Makson, Jeff Brisson, Tracy Cicatelli, Jeff Timmons Photo Contributed.


Lake Auman recently became the new home of over 8,500 two- to four-inch bluegill and red ear sunfish and more than 3,500 threadfin shad when the Seven Lakes Landowners Association used Lake Auman Sports Club volunteers to stock these fish in the lake.

The annual project of stocking these “feeder” fish by the SLW Landowners Association addresses the primary recommendation for Lake Auman identified in a professional lake study.

Both the shad and bream were purchased from Carolina Fish Hatchery in Turkey, N.C. and certified as non-invasive species. The fish were placed in the water at several different sites spread around the lake in locations that provided habitat and good cover.

The stocking teams have come to be known as the “Bucket Brigade.” Eight Lake Auman Sports Club members participated in this year’s stocking, including Glenn Anderson, Jeff Brisson, Tracy Cicatelli, Stan Makson, Dianne Reid, Steve Reid, Don Smith and Jeff Timmons. Don Smith organized and supervised the stocking again this year.