Garden Club Exchanges Plants, Talks Beeswax

Garden Club Member Aida with her new Christmas Cactus | Courtesy of the Seven Lakes Garden Club


Spring is a season for planting and adjusting the garden. The Seven Lakes Garden Club takes advantage of this special season to share plants with our fellow members. 

A “trunk plant exchange” was the first event of the April meeting. Members with plants pulled into the parking lot at the Chapel in the Pines, open their hatches and the sharing began. 

It was a fast and furious exchange. All the offered plants were happily in the arms and trucks of their new owners in only 15 minutes.

The second part of the event was a presentation on the “Wonders of Beeswax” by Christina Whitten. 

Even though Whitten does not have any hives, she has spent years researching beeswax, a unique, natural product used for more than just candles. 

Whitten shared her journey into the world of beeswax which started with a project for school children and resulted in a business that provides natural and healthy products, and candles. 

A beeswax candle is very different from the paraffin candles we see everywhere. They burn slowly and the melted wax solidifies when the wick is snuffed. They make for long lasting, beautiful items for any home.

Whitten instructed the group on how to burn and care for the candles to get maximum life. Garden Club members learned, shopped, and had a great time. You can find Whitten at the Pinehurst Farmers Market and other craft events throughout the summer in our area.