Don’t Throw Out Your Christmas Tree Yet!

The Lake Aumen Sports Club [LASC] is collecting Christmas trees to create fish habitats at Lake Aumen.

The LASC was formed in 1999 when Seven Lakes West residents wanted to enhance the quality of fishing at Lake Aumen.  This is the 20th year that the group has gathered to create fish habitats.

Don Smith, in charge of Christmas tree collection, has been a member of the LASC since he became a resident of Seven Lakes West in 2006.

Lake Aumen does not have the same amount of vegetation as other nearby lakes. Because of this, smaller fish are not able to hide as efficiently or make proper homes.

After gathering Christmas trees, Smith and other members of LASC are able to tie weights to the trees and secure them under the docks to create habitats for the fish.

West Side residents are welcome to donate a Christmas tree to the LASC. To do so, simply drop it off at the Longleaf Boat Storage area.
The Club plans to begin forming the habitats between late February and early March.

To learn more about the Lake Aumen Sports Club or how to get involved, CLICK HERE. For further questions, contact Don Smith by phone at 673-1618 or via email at