Trash at the Debris Site – Letter to the Editor

When discussion turns to my favorite amenity, my response usually surprises my friends, guests and neighbors.  My favorite amenity is the debris site.

We all migrate to what we use the most and for me it’s the debris site. I suspect I’m visiting the site three times a week with pine cones, magnolia leaves, branches and twigs.  Frankly, I don’t know what I’d do without the debris site.  Which brings me to my concern.

Recently, I stopped in and had the good fortune to meet and thank the gentleman responsible for removing debris.

As we were discussing the benefits, he shared a serious concern.  He is finding too much garbage within the debris.  Plastic bottles, plastic pots, cans, garbage bags and treated lumber are strewn among the leaves, pine cones and branches.  All of these items cause major problems for him when he dumps the debris at another site.

When he sees the garbage at our site he takes the time to pick it out, but often it is buried and not revealed until it is dumped at the next site.  It is costing him time and he may have to find another dump site if the owner refuses to accept our debris due to our garbage.

For those of you who are dumping debris not allowed at the site, (as posted on the sign at the front of the site) please stop.  Take those items to the local recycle.  The men at the Moore County Recycle are more than happy to take all of your garbage.

I hate to sound selfish, but I don’t want to lose my favorite amenity.  I suspect the majority of Seven Lakes residents don’t want to lose it either.
Craig Fowler
Seven Lakes Resident