Concerned Citizens for Community Action Mission & Vision

It is a honor to announce to you the Concerned Citizens For Community Action latest Community Initiative. Effective 5/20/2018, CCFCA has collaborated  with Ms. Angela Schwartz to serve as Chairperson of “Breaking The Chains Against Domestic and Child Abuse”.  Our Mission is:  To provide necessary resources for women and children victims of criminal domestic violence educationally, physically, socially, and emotionally by equipping each client with information to help strengthen  and educate each through transition back into the Community.
Our Vision is : To encourage women to become pro-active through  the use of local and state resources in order to create and strengthen laws to better protect women and children.
Facts: Statistics finds that Domestic Violent against women and children Moore County  is at 33%  or higher in surrounding counties.  CCFCA and Breaking the Chains will pursue all means and channels to cut this percentile in half by September 2018. A Press Conference will be announce soon.
CCFCA is a non-political , non-profit diversified community organization whose mission is to inspire and educate youth and unite communities, beginning with the most disadvantaged group. Our purpose is to bring programs and services to communities under-developed and under-served.
Officers are:
Angela Schwarz, Chairperson
Isaac Jenkins, CoChair
April Raines, 1st Vice Chair
Bernice Walker-Gardner, Executive Secretary/Treasurer
Rev. Bob Crouch, Spiritual  Advisor
Rev. Jerry Wells,   Spiritual  Advisor