Breaking the Chain of Domestic Violence

Isaac Jenkins

CCFCA Breaking the Chain Outreach Ministry Against Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault wil host it’s 3rd Annual Fundraiser,  titled ” Battle of Gospel Stars Crusade, Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 4pm to raise funds to build  Safehouses for victims who will go through a 24 months transtitional process.   The event will take place at Sidney Groves Church of Deliverance Agape Center, 401 Mctyre Road, Ellerbe, NC. Tickets are available at $25.00 in advance by calling (910) 474-2589  or $35.00 at the door. Donations is accepted. To make Donations send check or money order to : CCFCA Breaking the Chain, P.O. Box 66. West End, NC 27276.
Twelve years old Contemporary Gospel Artist,  Teralyn Harris from Fayetteville, NC  will Headline this year’s Fundraiser singing her later Release, “Changed” along with other Gospel Artists. 

For tickets or Gospel Artists to be listed  on the Program call (910) 474-2589.
CCFCA Breaking the Chain Outreach Ministry Against Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault is a non-political, non-profit diversified Outreach Ministry whose mission is to research necessary resources to equip victims with protection and safe haven. Our vision is to encourage domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual victims to become proactive and empower themselves through local, state and federal agencies and advocate to strengthen laws to better serve their situations. 

CCFCA Breaking the Chain Outreach Ministry goal is to empower survivors and their children to settle into safe environment and permanent housing and sustain self efficiency.
CCFCA Breaking the Chain Outreach Ministry’s” 20 Points  Safe Houses Initiative” will intake victims for a 24 months transition process:
What to expect?1. Transitional Housing up to two years2. Counseling i.e. psychological and legal3. Education Advancement4. Employment training and or job matching to skills5. Daycare for Children6. Youth Counseling and Development7. Private Secured Location8. Life-Skill Introduction9. Understanding the Judicial and Enforcement Process10. Health-care and Nutrition 
11. Self-Defense Class and Pet/Animals Protection 
12. Transportation to and from appointments and/or proceedings 
13. Free Cell Phones for 911 only14. Cooking and Laundry Facility15. Wifii access16. Yoga program promoting holistic health, healing exercise and relaxation17. Pool access: to continue with physical exercise and teach children or adults to swim18. 24 Hours Crisis Hotline19. Drugs and Trauma Intervention Referrals20. 24 Hours Security 

The victim requirements are:1. Victims or survivors will be screened and vetted through a two week orientation before acceptance 
2 Handbooks/Manual will be issued with policy, rules and confidential provisions 
3. Victims will follow CCFCA Breaking the Chain Housing Honor Code and Location Confidentiality Regulation and Standard of Conduct.4. There will be a No Visitor Policy 
5. Extensive background check
Reintegration back into community:At the end of victims/survivors 24 months transition, CCFCA Breaking the Chain will reintegrate victims/survivors into a  scatter-site, communal model, and/or clustered model housing. Scattered Site model will be secured housing in a community that is rented by the Ministry or individual and/or local agencies programs i.e. Subsidized or Section 8. Clustered Models entails multi survivors in one building with each survivor family in own private unit typically owned by local programs.Communal model housing : Survivors in one building ,with  each individual  own private bedroom, shared bathroom, kitchen and living rooms. 

Needs Assessments:Resources to support victims/survivors 
Promote flexible systems to support victims/survivors fleeing violenceIncreased availability to affordable housingEnsure  no victims/survivors is evicted because odd perpetrators actions. 
Living wage jobsJob TrainingAccess to BenefitsAccess to Child CareFinancial support for education advancementRebuilding Credit Scores

For suggestions or information , call Isaac Jenkins, CEO at (910) 474-2589.

Isaac Jenkins, CEOAngela Schwarz, President