Tuesday Night Bingo – Nov. 6th

Hello Bingo Players,
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.  The Jackpots continue to build and we are always looking for new Bingo Players.  Bring a new Bingo Player that signs up for our email and get a extra 3 on Jackpot Card.
I will be asking everyone on Tuesday about playing bingo on Thanksgiving week.  So please be thinking about this and I will ask for a show of hands about playing on Tuesday.
Have a great weekend!!

11/6/18 Regular Bingo Games

Game 5:  R51 – 2 Candles   

Game 6:  R13 – Two “I’s”    

Game 7:  R33 – Dbl Cross 

Game 8:  R38 – Letter “E”

Game 11:  R20 – Plus Sign

Game 12:  R48 – Letter “I”

Game 14:  R37 – Letter “A”


Mini Jackpot Maximum Number: “55”

Jackpot Maximum Number: “55”