Voting for 1/4 Cent Sales Tax

Vote for Moore County Schools Tax

Friends and Supporters,

We are in the final week of early voting and have been overwhelmed with your support. Thank you for sharing the importance of the ¼ Cent Sales Tax and how it can help Moore County Schools build a bright future!

HELP NEEDED: In this final week of early voting and with 1 week until Election Day – please continue to share information with your friends and neighbors about the ¼ Cent Sales and Use Tax ballot question.

Recently, a parent volunteer proposed the hashtag “#EndYourVoteOnAPositiveNote” to indicate that it was worth getting to the very last question and voting FOR the ¼ Cent Sales Tax to support school capital needs.  We think this is a helpful way to further educate voters that the last item supports the schools – especially since the ballot is long and the language is not that clear. 

Below are some additional key messages to share:

Wording on Ballot: Local sales and use tax at the rate of one-quarter percent (.25%) in addition to all other State and local sales and use tax. [  ] FOR    ] AGAINST

Why? This tax will ALL go towards Moore County Schools capital construction needs.

NOT Taxed: Unprepared foods (groceries), gas, prescription medications

Example: 0.25% = 1/4 cent

                 = 25 cents on $100 purchase (TV, bicycle) 

                 = 1 penny on a $4 purchase (magazine, kids meal)

 #EndYourVoteOnAPositiveNote: This is the very last question on the BACK of the ballot.

More Information: 

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Many thanks for your continued help and support!

Kind regards,

Moore County Sales and Use Tax Committee 

Catherine Graham, Frank Quis, Helena Wallin-Miller, Libby Carter, George Little, Ken Byrd