“Donadio is the clear choice for District Attorney”

The following Letter to the Editor was written by Maureen Krueger. It does not represent the opinions of The Seven Lakes Insider.

I am supporting Arthur Donadio for District Attorney of Moore and Hoke County. 

Arthur and I came to Moore County as part of a prosecutorial team 23 years ago. Together, we prosecuted thousands of cases of all types: murders, rapes, robberies, driving while impaired and many, many more. Arthur was promoted to the Senior Assistant District Attorney position in Montgomery County.  Not only did Donadio run the office, he personally tried all of the jury trials, including serious felonies such as murder.

We both eventually left the District Attorney’s Office for private practice. Arthur became one of an elite group of attorneys in the State qualified to handle Death Penalty cases. 

Like me, Arthur returned to the District Attorney’s Office and we are once again working as a team to seek justice for victims in every case. As part of his caseload, Arthur is prosecuting sex trafficking, homicides and death cases. His compassion for the victims and their families is matched by his expertise in the law and trials. 

Arthur’s experience reflects a quality and depth that makes him best suited to be District Attorney. Arthur has a commitment to justice that rises out of his passionate fidelity to the constitution and a commitment to putting victims first.  

Arthur Donadio is the clear choice for District Attorney. He has my full endorsement.

Maureen Krueger

Moore County District Attorney