Moore Buddies Helping Families Through COVID-19

Moore Buddies Mentoring is currently gathering donations to help the families that they were servicing throughout the school year.

Due to COVID-19 and the lack of in-school sessions, Moore Buddies has been going house-to-house to help with provisions.

“We’ve been delivering things and making sure all families are on our list,” said Executive Director Joyce Clevenger.

Moore Buddies has been following protocol to ensure that they are remaining as safe as possible with families throughout the pandemic.

“We work with kids at risk of failing and dropping out of school,” she said.  “This time at home is especially difficult for them.  Missing out on seeing teachers and mentors has been a big setback for them.  We’re anxious to get back and spend time with them like we need to.”

Moore Buddies will be hosting a Free Yard Sale for these families so that they can come and get what they need at no charge.  It will take place August 18th at Aberdeen Lake Park.

Locals have been donating food, clothing, and household items to go towards the yard sale.

“If anybody is cleaning out a closet and getting rid of stuff, we are collecting gently used children’s clothing and things for home to give to families,” Clevenger said.

This past year, Moore Buddies helped to mentor 80 children, and they will continue to do what they can during these difficult times.

“It started with us collecting things to keep in touch with families and help them out however we could,” she said.

Although Clevenger has been Executive Director for three years, this is the first time they are planning anything of this nature.

“This is the first time we’ve done something like this since I’ve been here,” she said.

Clevenger has helped with past fundraisers such as “Stuff the Bus” in which school supplies are collected at Staples.  They typically receive $18,000 worth of supplies.

“If a kid in class doesn’t have something, they can go to the supply closet to get what they need,” Clevenger said.  “This year is different because of COVID.  Bins will be left in the stores.”

“Stuff the Bus” has already begun for the upcoming school year and donations may be purchased and placed within the appropriate bins.  Those who donate $50 or more will be given a free t-shirt.

To donate supplies to the free yard sale, please leave bags of items in front of the Moore Buddies office located at 241 Grant Street in Seven Lakes.  Items will be picked up by a staff member.

To learn more about Moore Buddies Mentoring, visit their Facebook page or find their website at