Seven Lakes’ First Insurance Company

Tyler Horney’s family started the first insurance company in Seven Lakes in 1976.

Horney lived with his parents in High Point where they remained until meeting Fred Lawrence who talked them into buying one of the first lots on what is now Lake Sequoia.

After purchasing the lot in 1974, Lawrence insisted that Seven Lakes needed its own insurance agency and asked the Horney family to do it.

While neither of Horney’s parents had a background in insurance (his father being a postmaster and his mother being a banker for 20 years each), they left their positions and started from scratch to make their dreams come true.

“They came here and started from scratch,” Horney said.  “Fred was very optimistic.”

On January 1st, 1976, Lee-Moore Insurance Agency opened its doors as the first insurance company in Seven Lakes located right in Seven Lakes Plaza.  Horney was 15 years old at the time.

“Dad handled property and casualty while mom handles life and health,” Horney explained.

Horney began working full time with his parents in 1990.  His colleague Lynn Darsey is a Seven Lakes North resident who started at Lee-Moore around 1985.  Joann Richardson started at the company the same year at Horney and both women remain at Lee-Moore to this day.

In those early days, Seven Lakes was just starting to take shape.  The rough dirt roads were tough on the vehicles of the handfuls of families that had purchased lots from Fred Lawrence.

“There would be a sign at the gate ‘Cookout at Clubhouse.’ About 50-60 people would attend.  Everyone would show up,” Horney said.

During that time, Lawrence’s sales team would go to Midwest and northern states and do presentations to prospective lot buyers describing the beauty that Seven Lakes would become and how folks needed to invest.  Over time, retirees began pouring in.

Having lived in the community for over 30 years, Horney witnessed the influx of residents and the dynamic changes within Seven Lakes over the years.

“We’re very lucky and blessed that our people don’t have much turnover,” he said.  “The best part is all the people you get to meet.  It’s a big opportunity to meet and learn from a diverse crowd of folks.”

Since Lee-Moore opened, they have added additional offices in Carrboro and Broadway which are overseen by Alex Maiolo and Donald Andrews.

Horney’s next goal within the company is to make some transitions as he prepares to retire.  Being the President of the company for so long, he has come to know and help so many.

“We are always willing to help.  We’ve become ‘Info Central.’  People are always calling asking, ‘Do you know so-and-so?’  It’s been nice to see the community grow and be successful,” Horney said.

Jack McClelland, originally from London, will be stepping up at Lee-Moore at the end of 2021.

To schedule an appointment at Lee-Moore Insurance Agency, Inc., call (91) 673-4771.  Located at 4319 Seven Lakes Plaza in West End.