Filling A Void: Meeting Neighbors’ Irrigation Needs

Jamy McHone recently tapped into an unmet need in Seven Lakes where irrigation is concerned, and he has since made it his full-time business.

Jamy was born in Stokes County, North Carolina and began working with irrigation systems in the mid-90s on golf courses. 

Before long, he took his skills on the road and moved to Delaware where he began serving some of the top golf clubs over a span of several years.  He later expanded his career into irrigation installation, repair and maintenance learning the expertise of irrigation for both residential and commercial properties.

In 2011, Jamy returned to NC and married his high school sweetheart, Dana.  In 2018, they moved to Seven Lakes due to his job at a local sod farm where he expanded his knowledge to include sod installation and pivot irrigation.  Jamy and his wife live now live in Seven Lakes West with their son, Thomas.  His daughter, Ariel, is a recent graduate from the University of Delaware, and his step-son, Logan, is in his senior year at NC State.

“I didn’t know about Seven Lakes,” he said.  “Amy Cusumano showed us the house, and from speaking with several neighbors found that there was a void in this neighborhood.  There was no one to help with irrigation.”

In March of 2020, Jamy started 7 Lakes Irrigation & Lighting, LLC as a side hustle to help neighbors just in the Seven Lakes West community.  He used his skill set from his 24 years of experience to provide for his neighbors’ needs. It wasn’t long before word spread.

Within just a matter of months, Jamy went from helping his neighborhood, to servicing folks throughout all of Moore County.  He has even had calls from Raleigh and Durham.

“I live here, so I try to cater to my neighbors first,” he said.  “Our customers give good ratings.  It ballooned to more work than I could handle.  I went full-time in July.  We weren’t expecting it, honestly.”

Jamy primarily offers irrigation services, but he also provides landscape lighting such as garden lighting, path lighting and uplighting.  His goal is to do more than just provide a service, he hopes to meet every irrigation need of his clients so that they stay with him for years to come.

“There’s nobody to do what we do.  A lot of people do irrigation installations but won’t work on anybody else’s stuff,” he said.  “There’s not a lot of people who will stand behind their work.  That’s what opened it up for me.”

While 7 Lakes Irrigation does have a website, Jamy’s work has come from word of mouth.  The business has grown to the point where he will likely be looking to hire help in the spring.

“We’re not just a one-time service.  We want to be trusted and called on for years to come,” he said.  “I pride myself on taking care of our customers.  There’s a need for service and repairs and maintenance.”

With the cold winter months approaching, Jamy is currently assisting clients with winterizing their irrigation equipment to help protect their property investment.

“So far, all my customers like what we do and are calling us back again for additional services,” he said.  “We want customers for life.  A lot of them call me back for just the little things like upgrading their garden or replacing controllers or sprinklers or just advice.”

To learn more about 7 Lakes Irrigation & Lighting, visit  For questions, call Jamy McHone at (336) 816-3042.