When Will The Pools Open?

With the coronavirus interrupting all usual summer activities last year, the Seven Lakes communities have been contemplating how to approach the topic of pools for this summer.

In 2020, Seven Lakes West opened their pool as usual on Memorial Day, and it remained open through Labor Day.

Before entering the pool area, waivers had to be signed.  The pool was also shut down every two hours for routine cleaning.

As of now, Seven Lakes West plans to operate similarly this year, with signed waivers and a consistent cleaning schedule.

Last year, Seven Lakes North opened its pool only when Governor Cooper lifted restrictions, making the opening date around the end of July in 2020.

Once the pool was open, it was not at full capacity, and only open to homeowners and no guests.  This was to allow for as many residents as possible to use the pool since only about 25 people were allowed in the area at a time.

With the arrival of vaccines and reduced restrictions this year, there will likely be more flexibility than last year with the pool’s opening.

“Right now, if everything goes well, we plan on opening Memorial Day weekend,” said Jeanette Mendence.  “We’ll do it the same way we did last year with a restricted amount of people unless the Governor changes some of his restrictions.”