Kiwanis Holds Last Bingo Game of the Season

On Tuesday, June 20th, Kiwanis held its last bingo game of the season at the Chapel in the Pines, taking a break from bingo for the summer months.

Kiwanis has been hosting bingo games in Seven Lakes for the past twenty years.  During such games, players may enter to play fifteen different bingo games with opportunities to win up to $500.

There were no jackpot winners during the event, but the jackpot funds will be carried over to the next event – increasing the size of the jackpot prize.

Several Kiwanis members led the event, including President Elect Jerry Sink (Bingo Chairperson), William Pratt, John Shaughnessy, Jack Bergquist, and Kiwanis President Pat Weber.

The event was a success, with more than forty people showing up at just the “Early Bird Bingo” games.

Kiwanis will resume its bingo games in September on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month.

William Pratt and John Shaugnessy

Bingo Chairperson, Jerry Sink

Bingo Chairperson, Jerry Sink

William Pratt