*Snow Conditions* – A Message From the Publisher

This is a friendly reminder from your friends at The Seven Lakes Insider to please be safe in the snow.

Please be mindful of children and families who may be on or near roads while playing in the snow and sledding.

“While driving home from an event Wednesday morning, I slid a couple times on Seven Lakes Drive and in Seven Lakes North,” said Janna Ptak of The Seven Lakes Insider.  “I believe road conditions are far worse now, and I wish for everyone to be safe in these weather conditions.  There were several families out sledding and walking in the snow.  I would hate for anything dangerous to happen.”


Sheriff Neil Godfrey has announced the roads to be “dangerous,” and parts of HWY US 1 are reported to be closed due to “semi-trucks being unable to negotiate the slope.”

“Citizens are reminded that if they don’t have to be on the Road, to please remain at home.”


For more information on road conditions, CLICK HERE.

Even after the snow begins to melt, driving conditions may be unfavorable.

“During the last snow, I slid a couple times in Seven Lakes North,” Ptak said.  “I also drove in Seven Lakes West several days after the snow landed.  Some roads were still completely covered in snow and ice.  I urge everyone to be cautious.”