Seven Lakes West Creates Ad Hoc Committee for Study of East Gate

Board Members Will Carpenter, Duane Coppeler, and Mercedes Herdrich

The Seven Lakes West Board of Directors held a meeting at the West Side Community Center on Tuesday, October 24th.

Board President Will Carpenter opened up the meeting with a discussion of the Clubhouse Commons land by Beacon Ridge – an area of land that is privately owned in the Seven Lakes West community.  In recent months, the Board has discussed Beacon Ridge having short-term rental packages with this land.

“[We] declare this a matter of significant interest to the community,” Carpenter said.

One resident commented that these short-term renters (renting less than thirty days) should not be allowed to use the West Side amenities, but should use only the amenities provided at Beacon Ridge.

He also explained that Beacon Ridge should pay full dues for the Clubhouse Commons land, rather than the $500 per lot that had been agreed upon.  He stated that he also had multiple properties in Seven Lakes.

“I pay full dues,” he said.  “They need to pay dues like anybody else.”

The Board clarified that renters of Clubhouse Commons will be limited to the amenities at Beacon Ridge.  They plan to have stickers put on the vehicles of Clubhouse Commons renters so that they may be easily reported if using the West Side amenities.

One woman approached the Board concerned about the time period of a short-term rental package.

“This is nothing new in the golf industry,” Board Member Bob Van Houten said.  “All high-end golf courses have short-term rentals.”

Van Houten also explained that while Clubhouse Commons do not currently fall under the rules and regulations of Seven Lakes West, they will be annexed into the rules of the community once permits are obtained and the land is build upon.

Parks Cobb, head of the Infrastructure Committee, made a motion to reallocate $37,000 in the budget “to cover additional contractor charges for road patching.”

“I don’t see anything being detrimental to the community by these changes,” he said before the Board voted in favor of the motion.

The Board also discussed the motion of whether or not to have a year’s delay for the formation of an Ad Hoc Committee to “study any aspect of East Gate traffic.”  These studies will help the Board to gather data and determine whether the East Gate should be manned like the West Gate in order to help with traffic overflow.

“[The Board] just voted to start the committee last month,” said Board Secretary Mercedes Herdrich.  “I’m not sure what changed…. I see no reason to delay.”

“We just spent $30,000 improving the back gate,” one woman explained to the Board.  “Let us enjoy it!”

The Board voted not to delay the Ad Hock Committee or the study of the East Gate traffic.

The Board voted on a motion to allocate $75,000 to purchase land from the Chandler Hills subdivision.  The votes were tied, and the motion stayed.

The Board voted for Vince Price to be added to the Communications Committee and Tim Wenzel and Mark Haut to be added to the Safety and Security Committee.

New Board Member Carol Anderson explained that the Board will be distributing new vehicle bar codes to West Side residents.  No more sponsored bar codes will be issued until the new bar codes have been handed out to residents.

One resident mentioned that the Board should work to make bar code readers and tags as secure as possible.

Community Manager Jeanette Mendence announced that the gate to the boat storage area has officially been fixed.  She also stated that anyone who wished to host a neighborhood block Christmas party may have the fee waived when to use the Community Center.

The Board voted in favor of a by-law change to section 6 regarding the term of Board Members – stating that Board Members who take the place of someone on the Board will “serve out the unexpired term of the original vacated position.”

Board Secretary Mercedes Herdrich touched on the topic of unpaid mailbox and HOA fees.  There was $1,125 of unpaid mailbox fees which has been reduced to $425.  All non-payments of HOA dues were caused by residents who paid dues monthly instead of yearly and were not signed up for the direct payment system.  The Board is currently working to obtain the fees.

One woman spoke out in reference to the unpaid dues.

“Why is it happening?” she asked

The Board explained that they are currently working with the Judicial Panel and Legal in order to resolve the issue.  However, they are unable to take residents to Judicial Panel for non-payment of HOA dues.

The next Seven Lakes West Board Meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 28th at 7:00PM at the Seven Lakes West Community Center.