Seven Lakes Drive-Through Coffee Shop Opening February 5th!

About one year ago, Carolina Grind Coffee was just an aspiration.  Now, it’s a drive-through coffee shop that has made its home in the heart of Seven Lakes.

Carolina Grind Coffee is owned by Will and Anna Bowers and Elyse and Jordan Ruiter.

Will, Anna, and their daughter, Ella Ray, moved to Jackson Springs from Charlotte in February 2012.  Six years ago, Will Bowers and his father opened the Lake House Bar & Grill in Seven Lakes.

Jordan, Elyse, and their son, Noah, have been residents of Seven Lakes North since 2014.  As a military family, the Ruiters were living in Seven Lakes without any relatives nearby.

The two families met years ago at the Lake House and their children, Ella Ray and Noah, quickly became best friends.  Friendships began forming between the parents, and now they consider each other as family.

“They’ve become chosen family,” Elyse said.  “They’ve really taken us in.”

Last year, the group was sitting around the kitchen table talking about different business ideas and what would be nice to have in the community.

They agreed that Seven Lakes was in need of a quality coffee shop with a drive-through for ease and efficiency.

As a mom, Elyse knows the hassle of going out to get coffee with a child.

“If I can go through a drive-through, sign me up,” she said.

The families decided they wanted a unique, old school look.  They purchased a horse trailer and converted it into the ideal drive-through trailer with the help of Sandhills Collision Center and Max Patterson.

Jordan did reconstruction on the trailer to make sure it was exactly what they needed.  It will have a drive-through on either side for the convenience of coffee-lovers.

“We’re taking a little bit of everything from things we like from different places,” Elyse said.

“Owning my own business has always been an aspiration,” Jordan said.  “This is a good opportunity.”

To provide an easier experience for coffee-lovers, the entire menu is online!  Individuals can pick out what they want at before they even get to the shop.

The families hope to provide the community with an ideal, quality coffee shop.  They are hoping to receive feedback to be able to cater to the wants of the community.

Carolina Grind Coffee will have options such as adding a scoop of protein to a drink, as well as products such as homemade whipped cream and doughnut holes by Southern Angels Doughnuts.

“We want to offer quick and easy quality coffee and products at a comparable price,” Jordan said.

“It’s reasonably priced and locally-owned,” Elyse added.

They hope to support local businesses with their endeavor.  In addition to working with Southern Angels Doughnuts, Carolina Grind Coffee will be working with retired military individual Mike Birky, owner of Cactus Creek Gourmet Coffee Roasters in Aberdeen to get their coffee beans.

“Mike Birky has been a huge help,” Jordan said.

Although the parents have worked hard on making this coffee shop work, they claim their children Ella Ray and Noah are secretly running the operation.

“It’s really nice going into business with people like family,” Anna said.  “I think it’s a fun adventure.”

“We balance each other out,” Elyse said.

Once the shop becomes successful, they hope to expand or take their shop to events.

“We are really excited about bringing this business to the area… We’re working really hard to make everyone happy,” Anna said.

The families got permission to put the shop in the parking lot on the corner of Seven Lakes Drive and HWY 211 where the Seven Lakes Christmas tree lighting takes place.

Carolina Grind Coffee will have its grand opening on February 5th.  The shop will be open Monday-Friday from 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM and Saturday from 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

For more information about the shop, visit  Be sure to send feedback about their shop at