Local Preschool Launches New Website for Parents

Bright Meadow Christian Preschool launches a new website for parents to learn more about its advanced and private educational programs.  The site offers parents information about the preschool’s unique approaches to teaching children of various learning styles and stages of development.

“Attending preschool for a half day proves to be a significant investment in education.  Even students of age 2 have fun learning phonics sounds using animal characters & whole-body movements.  The majority of our students are ready to receive more advanced instruction earlier than usually expected,” states Shirley Ptak Norlin, Bright Meadow’s director.

Bright Meadow teaches multi-sensory early reading skills starting at age 2.  This continues throughout a student’s academic development into their K4 class (Kindergarten for 4-year-olds).

“Starting your child even a couple of days a week for a half day at age 2 provides them with a great advantage.  Most students gain a jump-start in basic math, phonics and early reading, enabling us to teach Pre-K and K4 level work before they graduate.  We have been delighted to receive compliments from parents and local elementary school teachers for many years on how our students have performed above average at their kindergarten registration assessment and maintain advanced skills through their elementary years,” says Mrs. Norlin.

The preschool’s curriculum includes kinesthetic phonics instruction that integrates science, geography, social studies and crafts around an alphabet letter each week, progressive basic to advanced math, traditional handwriting instruction, Brain Gym exercises, and Spanish introduction.  Bright Meadow’s new website describes the preschool’s curriculum in more detail.

Bible is included for The Essentials Class in the Chrysalis Room (age 2-3), The Pre-K Class in the Caterpillar Room (age 3-4), and the K4 Class in the Butterfly Room (age 4-5).

Mrs. Norlin stated that, although Bright Meadow is not church or state supported, the preschool has maintained its niche in the community of superior private schools, and its staff considers their work to be a ministry.  She expresses to parents, “We want to be the ‘Bright’ light in your child’s first learning environment, and we appreciate the families who allow us the privilege of partnering with them in the moral and academic education of their children.”

Parents may choose a full or a partial-week attendance schedule for Bright Meadow’s morning programs.  Families interested  in preschool summer camp can make reservations directly from the website.  Mrs. Norlin invites families interested in fall registration for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year to visit the website to start the registration process for guaranteeing a placement spot.  Families interested in immediate attendance may contact Mrs. Norlin for available openings.

More information and pricing can be found at BrightMeadowPreschool.com, or contact Mrs. Norlin at 910.673.6789, or Shirley@BrightMeadowPreschool.com.