Books and Basketball Bring Families Together

A West End Elementary school teacher shoots a basket at the Books and Basketball event. Maggie Beamguard/SLI


Insider Editor

While Furman and Princeton were upsetting NCAA brackets across the nation on Thursday, March 16, there was a different kind of March Madness unfolding at West End Elementary School. The annually anticipated Books and Basketball event, planned by Media Specialist Heather Bridges and P.E. Teacher Lance Barber, included food trucks and a brief PTA meeting. Many staff members stepped in to run the scoreboard and to assist with various tasks, making it a memorable evening for all. 

The fourth and fifth grade students defeated the teachers for the first time in the eleven-year history of the showdown. It was, said Barber “the best game ever. The students came back in the 16th Quarter and won the game 71-67. It was the first teacher loss ever. It was an awesome win not only for the students and teachers, but everyone in attendance. It was awesome watching them storm the court as time expired!”