Broken phone? There’s a local fix for that!

Growing up, Curtis Oyster, owner of Xcell Repair Plus, started out working on computers as a hobby that turned career.  What started as a childhood interest led to a successful career of fixing computers, smartphones, and tablets.

“I started in computers at a young age and developed my knowledge over the years. Smartphone and tablets repair I started in 2009 when smaller companies started integrating these repairs as part of their mainstream services.” he said.

With the growing advancement of the smartphone and the fact that the majority of Americans in the United States use them on an everyday basis, there is the constant danger of a cracked screen.  Fortunately, Curtis has plenty of experience in phone repair.

“I started off buying damaged smartphones on eBay and locally, I would then repair and resell them online. Over the years I have worked with various suppliers gaining access to original and high-quality parts. I really appreciate the hard work and dedication of our suppliers and proud to have them as the backbone of our business – providing us with reliable parts to service to our customers.” Curtis said.

Xcell Repair is currently in its seventh year of success, and Curtis hopes to expand the business in the upcoming years. There is always the growing need for technology to be fixed and replaced as more technological advances are made.

Curtis plans to grow the business once they get moved into a larger facility to provide more services and branch into retail in the near future.

Xcell Repair Plus takes pride in also assisting those who come in with questions about technology or who need guidance in understanding the usage of their hand-held devices. The business is thankful for the opportunity to assist clients in repairs and to get their electronics back in working condition in a swift and effective manner.

With the company being veteran owned and operated, the business has the unique and important support of the large military population surrounding Pinehurst.

Xcell Repair Plus is the only small business in the area that does computer, smartphone, and tablet repairs. With taking all major brands of technology and the ability to give a swift turn around time, Xcell Repair Plus plans to be an even more important part of the community of technological users.

Once an item is dropped off for repair, it can be fixed within a matter of minutes or hours depending on the type of repair.

Xcell Repair Plus is driven by the goal of maintaining an environment of constant learning, so no device is too new and no technology too complicated.

Xcell Repair Plus is located at 1420 NC Highway 5 South in Pinehurst. The shop is open Monday through Friday 10:00AM to 6:00PM and Saturday from 10:00AM to 2:00PM. For more information they can be reached at (910) 988-4279 or online at