Car Wreck on Beulah Hill Church Road

On Saturday, July 7th, firefighters and EMS came to the scene of a wreck in the rain on Beulah Hill Church Road.

A woman was driving a white truck down the road with a man in the passenger seat and a child in the back seat when the truck went off the road, hitting a tree.

First responders to the incident included Seven Lakes Fire & Rescue, Carthage Fire & Rescue, Moore County EMS.  The State Trooper and Sheriff’s Department also responded to the call.

The vehicle hit the tree on the passenger’s side, injuring the man.  He was taken to the hospital.

Assistant Chief of Carthage Fire & Rescue observed that no one seemed to be injured too badly.

“Everyone seemed to be okay,” he said.  “There were no life threatening injuries.  Just a little banged up.”