Catch a Ride With Local Transportation

Need a ride? Next time you need to catch a flight, travel in comfort and confidence with Seven Lakes Transportation.

“Our goal is to get our customers to their destination safely and make them feel secure at a reasonable price so that they can enjoy the things that mean the most to them,” said owner and founder Chris Laton. “We like to keep things simple. Our price includes your party and luggage, no time of day premium pricing.”

Over the years, Seven Lakes Transportation has tuned its business model to reflect what the area needs the most. Chris Laton and associates have listened to their clients’ requests, which has improved the overall quality and functioning of the company.

“Initially we didn’t know where this business would go,” said Laton. “As it turned out, the area was most receptive to the airport shuttle service. Most of our clients are people or families traveling to or from our area visiting family, but we do have a mix of business clients who work from home that travel on occasion for work.”

Though Seven Lakes Transportation is a reserved car service specializing in shuttling people to the airports, they have and will take on other services on a case by case basis.  They provide a curbside service that is dependable, safe, and alleviates the stress of driving fatigued, while providing a sense of comfort that your car is safe and secure back at home. 

Laton believes that the local, personalized touch of Seven Lakes Transportation gives it an advantage over other methods of hired transportation. “When it comes to ride share apps, you don’t have the same peace of mind of asking your neighbor about their experience like you do with us and similar local services,” he said.

Seven Lakes Transportation is a reserved car service, which is something not many other ride services offer. When scheduling a trip with Seven Lakes Transportation, clients are assured that their ride is personally reserved, ready, and on time, as opposed to hoping a service is currently available for pick up when using a ride share app.

Riders can also rest easy knowing that services from Seven Lakes Transportation are properly insured and legitimately operated.

“Our services, as well as local taxis and limos, are required a specific amount of insurance coverage to operate and to legitimately be operating at the airport,” explained Laton.

After nearly twenty years of defensive driving, Laton is confident in his ability to safely and smoothly deliver his passengers to their desired destinations. Having vehicles equipped with dash cams adds an extra level of protection from the other drivers on the road. The addition of a mid-size SUV allows passengers to bring more luggage, sit a little higher, and ride both safely and comfortably.

To find out more or schedule an accommodation, call or text 910-773-0368. Seven Lakes Transportation can additionally be contacted online at and emailed at Safe travels!